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It’s Time To Bloom Where You’re Planted

On these pages, we talk about all things confidence, and we know a growth mentality is a component of confidence. Let me ask you a question. Are you the type of person to let negative circumstances and challenges determine your level of happiness or confidence? Do you believe you’ll be happy and confident when you land the next big promotion, that fancy house, fancy car, wear designer brands, save enough money, or connect with your soulmate? Will you feel confident then? 

While positive goals and aspirations are great to have and having them drive you forward, it’s essential to learn to bloom where you’re planted. Instead of letting your circumstances dictate how you feel, let the joy you have on the inside shine forth. Confidence is an inside-out kinda gig. Not outside- in kinda gig. No matter where you are, find the growth potential in it. While you’re waiting for the big promotion, in what ways can you sharpen your skill set? In what ways are you stewarding the monies you currently have? How are you taking this time to work on yourself to be ready for that soulmate you’re eagerly waiting on? 

The other day, we came across something unique as we moved the patio furniture and plants around. My son, who just graduated with a degree in plant science, noticed that a flower had grown in a plant that doesn’t typically produce a flower. He asked if I’d planted something else in the pot. I laughed and said no. He had to ask because I tend to go rouge when it comes to gardening, lol! As he explored more and realized that it was from the plant itself. Now, again this plant doesn’t typically produce a flower. This was a wow moment; now, he’s geeking, taking pictures, and sharing them with others in the plant world. Apparently, it was a significant flex! He shared that for a flower to bloom from that plant, it must be in the right pot, with suitable soil. The plant must have the right amount of attention, water, temperature, and positioning. Wow, now I’m all excited. Let me say this. The plant started as a small office plant that received very little attention, little watering, and light. I brought it home with the hopes that it would grow. For a while, nothing happened. I don’t know about you, but I can relate to my plant, whether it was a job, relationships, or friendships where little attention was given. I was poured out more than I was poured into, and don’t even talk about light. Light is crucial to growth. Just like plants, we require energy in order to grow, bloom and produce seeds. Did I mention that I struggled with the fact that my plant wasn’t growing and had been in the same pot for the last four years? Some of you are struggling, stressed, anxious, and depressed because you’ve been in the same spot for years and aren’t growing. So I thought maybe it needed a bigger pot to grow. Isn’t that what we do. We wanna switch it up. We want a bigger pot. Every year, I’d ask my son about repotting it. He’d say… let’s not that pot is perfect for that type of plant. Sometimes growth will require new company, new locations, and new mindsets, and sometimes it won’t. All that plant needed was the right amount of attention, temperature, water, lighting, and positioning. Not only is it growing, but it also bloomed right where it was planted and produced seed. 

To bloom where you’re planted, you must look for the good in every challenge you face. Some of the wealthiest people feel empty because they don’t have the unconditional love of others, their health, or other things that money can’t buy. And some of the poorest people in the world are the happiest. Why? Because they choose to find the good and focus on it. Let me echo…No matter where you are, find the good in it. Focus on all you have to be grateful for instead of focusing on the feeling that there’s always something missing.

Choosing to bloom right where you start with asking yourself a few perspective questions:

What do you have that you can be thankful for?

Do you have a place to live and enough to eat?

Are you employed? Can you pay your bills?

Do you have a roof over your head?

Do you have your health?

Are there people who love you and those you love in return?

Do you practice your faith to help you?

What You Think About Yourself Matters

How you look at the world and your level of confidence in yourself can impact what you achieve in life. People who act as though they’re happy often genuinely are. Why? It’s simple because their lives follow their actions. Choose to find the great aspects of any challenge you face. Decide today to highlight the possibilities instead of focusing on problems because we know how that will end. Decide today to focus on possible solutions until you achieve your desired results.

Speak life. Spoken and written words have tremendous power. Those words can shape entire lives when people take them to heart. On the other hand, if you internalize negative words, everything you could be grateful for will seem irrelevant and insignificant. Negativity erodes your confidence. Negativity will make you feel discouraged and dissatisfied. Instead, take only positive words into your heart.

Positive words, whether spoken by you or spoken over you by someone else, can help to shape your life. Wow! Not only what you say about self matters, but what you speak over others matte as well. Let your words be seeds of growth, potential, trust, hope, nourishment, sacred, initiation, multiplication, reproduction, cycles, time, and provision.

Your beliefs about yourself and the world around you shape your core beliefs. Not only that, but those core beliefs influence how you interpret your experiences. What you think is connected to how you feel. Think life-affirming thoughts, and you’ll feel more alive. Think gloom, doom, and discouragement, and you’ll feel unhappy. Come on, clarity!!

So yes, you can bloom beautifully where you are right now. Move forward toward your goals and continue to thrive and improve! Remember that abundant joy and peace can be found in every situation or circumstance. I want to encourage you to slow down and pay attention. Start looking for the joy right where you are now.

Decide today to enjoy the precious, present moment. In the grand scheme of things, the glass is neither half empty nor half full. You’ll be happy and successful when consciously choosing to be where you are and nowhere else. Today, choose to be present and conscious in every moment. When you do, you’ll bloom where you’re planted. Book a discovery call and let’s start blooming!

Active.Cultivate.Thrive Confidently.

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