Well, where do I start? I tell you…Marsha has so inspired me. Marsha has been counseling, coaching, and empowering others long before now. She is an encourager and has been a great listener to me from day one. We talked not long ago, and I loved how she reassured me of my resiliency and the need just to breathe. Not trying to figure it all out, right then and there but to take time and just breathe. I also look forward to the bi-weekly, “She Shifted Podcasts.” They are so uplifting and lots of times, just what I need to hear. The confirmation some days are just amazing. I’m thankful to God for giving her the wisdom and knowledge to share. I look forward to future discussions, podcasts, and any other platform to connect with her. Take the time and invest in yourself. Book a consultation with her, listen to a podcast episode, you won’t be disappointed!! God bless.

- L. Weaver

Life experiences have caused me to be extremely reserved, emotionally. The fact that Marsha recognized my trust issues and strategically set me on a program to develop freely, is why I continue to use her. I’ve used her both personally and professionally and I’m always amazed and satisfied with the results.

Her skills, knowledge, life lessons, and all-around girl-next-door persona will encompass, empower and motivate you to take the next step to become a better YOU and more confident. Invest in yourself…if not now, when?

- T. Bryant

I always look forward to my conversations with Marsha. She goes above and beyond to establish a relationship by striking the perfect balance of careful listening, asking thought-provoking questions, laughter, and showing me how to be my own cheerleader. The wisdom, insight, tools, and mindset strategies that Iโ€™ve learned have truly transformed every area of my life. I know who I am! I know how to challenge and reframe my thoughts!ย  Now, Iโ€™m ready and fully equipped to enjoy life.

- K. Wilson

Talk about taking every thought captiveโ€ฆmy biggest takeaway is connecting how twisted thinking can affect everything!ย  Marshaโ€™s PYC program challenged me to think differently which caused me to feel and act differently.

- J. Jones

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