The Heal & Thrive Collective supports you in transforming your relationship with your mother and yourself by addressing underlying issues that cause conflict and fostering understanding, healing, personal growth, and empowerment. 

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You're in the Right Space, if You've ever said...

My mother and I argue over the smallest of things. Followed by the awful silent treatment.

It can be quite frustrating when arguments with your mother escalate over the smallest of things. Leaving you feeling like you have to walk on eggshells. The tense atmosphere that follows can be unbearable, especially when it leads to the silent treatment.  You will learn to dive deep into your mother-daughter relationship, get a clear picture of what’s really causing conflict, and communicate more effectively

My mother doesn’t respect my boundaries or my decisions.

You may feel like any mistake you make is held against you, so sticking to boundaries or making decisions is hard. You often question yourself, leading to self-doubt, unworthiness and feeling like nothing you do is good enough. You will learn how to amplify your voice, draw healthy boundaries, and own your emotional space

Honestly, I don’t know what I need emotionally and struggle to advocate for myself…when I try to …I’m told I’m being extra

Women often feel ashamed of needing. “A woman who knows what she needs cannot be controlled.” By learning to tune into your own needs and desires, you’ll be able to communicate your needs effectively and assertively and take charge of your own life.  You’ll lean to heal the blame, shame, and guilt so many women suffer from

I don’t feel heard, seen, and emotionally supported by the people I love. No one asks me what I need and how I am feeling

You’re likely unaware of the patterns and beliefs passed down from your mother to you that have left you experiencing a lack of support, emotional care, and equality as a woman in your family.  Let’s rewrite your narrative with a roadmap for emotional empowerment, generational change, and stronger communication 

It's More Common Than You Think...

Whew, I thought it was just me! No, you’re not alone; women worldwide struggle to have healthy relationships with themselves and their mother. Many want to mother differently but don’t know where to get started. That’s where I come in! I’m a Certified Mother-Daughter Relationship Coach and Mental Health Counselor with an MS in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. I’m here to help you gain awareness of the patterns, experiences, and beliefs passed down from your mother to you. As the only daughter in my family, understanding my Mother-Daughter history was a game-changer. I want to help you challenge the historical narrative of daughters being responsible for their mothers’ unvoiced needs and more. I offer a judgment-free space for you to share your mother-daughter story and feel heard, supported, understood, accepted, and valued. So, are you ready to ignite your inner strength and start building a better relationship with yourself? Let’s do this together!



The Heal & Thrive course is a 3-month live coaching program and is your gateway to a life of personal growth and self-discovery. Our live group calls, comprehensive workbook, and ongoing support are designed to help you get answers, unlock your full potential, and thrive in all areas of your life.

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Workbook and More

A comprehensive workbook, Mother-Daughter History Mapping Diagnostic Model, powerful tools and resources to easily guide you through the course. +Exercises that challenge you to dig deeper. +Journal prompts that help you process your thoughts and emotions. +Meditation scripts that soothe your mind, body and soul.

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The Thrive Circle is an incredible healing and empowering space with unlimited access to a community of supportive and like-minded women. Through collaboration and continuous coaching, you'll be empowered to engage with others and receive the encouragement you need to continue to thrive.


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